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Add 1GB of storage to your Dropbox permanently

Dropbox is always coming up with ways to give its users more space on its cloud storage service. Today, the company is launching its annual Dropquest event. As Dropbox’s blog states: “Dropquest is a multi-step scavenger hunt that has you solve a series of puzzles (inspired by the likes of MIT’s Mystery Hunt or Notpron [though not nearly as time/effort-consuming]).”

The Dropquest event starts at this link, although before you start you might want to download the company’s PC desktop client, because a number of the puzzles take place within a user’s own Dropbox account.

The nice thing is that everyone who enters and completes Dropquest 2012 will be able to get an extra 1 GB of space on their Dropbox account. The person who completes all the puzzles first will get 100 GB of free storage space for life, along with some other nice Dropbox swag.  10 second place finishers will get 20 GB of free space for life, 15 third place finishers will get 5 GB for life and 50 fourth place finishers will get an extra 2 GB of space.

One more thing: Dropbox claims that this year’s Dropquest will be hard, saying, “Last year Dropquest was finished in a little under 2 hours, but the Black-ops team doubts that it’ll be solved in under 5 hours this year — feel free to prove us wrong.”

Chapter 1: 64529 38645 46637 24929 <- try one of these
Chapter 2:
Chapter 3: SMUDGES
Chapter 4: SOMA
Chapter 5: MAD LIB

Chapter 6:

Chapter 7: or or

Chapter 8: triumphant
Chapter 9: Go and invite the given email address
Chapter 10: Mexico, Korea or Argentina
Chapter 11: Southpole
Chapter 12: Restore Chapter12.txt to its previous version (on the dropbox website)
Chapter 13: Go to, and click on the shield of “Security and Privacy”
Chapter 14: Click… and find out the square that’s referring to your highlighted square. Then solve the puzzle by placing the numbers as they are shown exactly on your highlighted square
Chapter 15: Share a folder with,, or
Chapter 16: Go to and click on the rainbox icon on the top middle of the page
Chapter 17: Shanghai
Chapter 18 – Do a repair on the Dropquest Folder (bottom left corner of chapter page)
Chapter 19: On the actual dropbox site, move the pictures in the ‘spring cleaning’ folder into the category folders:

Category 1: 1 3 6 8 9
Category 2: 2 4 5 7 10

Chapter 20 solution:

Chapter 21: ABUSIVELY

Chapter 22: Adage, Faced, Nasha, Badge

Chapter 23: MACHU PICCHU

Endgame: colosseum

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