Our Services


From desktops to laptops, we have you totally covered when it comes to repairing or setting up your computer.


Systems We Service

  • Desktops
  • Laptops
  • All-In-One PC’s
  • Micro PC’s
  • Netbooks
  • Tablet PC’s

Payments We Accept

  • All Major Credit Cards
  • Checks (ID Required)
  • PayPal
  • Apple Pay
  • Android Pay

Brands We Service

  • Acer
  • Alienware
  • Apple
  • Asus
  • Compaq
  • Dell
  • E-Machines
  • Fujitsu
  • Hewlet Packard
  • IBM
  • Lenovo
  • Sony
  • Toshiba

Online Services:

  • Advertise your business, product, service, or location on Google, Bing, Facebook, or just about anywhere else
  • Constant contact and email marketing, web hosting, website design, online consulting, search engine optimization

Web Solutions

Areas We Service

  • Cheshire
  • Hamden
  • North Haven
  • Wallingford
  • New Haven
  • Woodbridge
  • Waterbury
  • Bethany
  • Wolcott
  • Southington
  • Bristol


Installing your Operating System can be complicated. Gt Computing can help.

Our Standard OS Installation –$99.99 plus cost of License

  • Updating your OS to the latest version
  • A full audit of required drivers, ensuring your system runs smoothly
  • Antivirus software to protect your information and identity



Is your laptop not acting quite like itself? We’ll fix what ails it.

From slow laptops and loud fans to blue screens of death, we’ve seen it all. Bring it in for a full inspection and we’ll send it home to you in top form.


Old desktop computers are prone to crashing, freezing, or not even turning on. Does this sound like your machine? Don’t panic! Gt Computing  can help.

We’ll first run a full audit to identify the problem area. Whether it has a damaged memory module, hard drive, motherboard, or otherwise, we have the tools and expertise to help get your desktop computer run like it used to.


Getting a new computer doesn’t mean saying goodbye to all of your old data. OTSCR will make sure all of your important files are safely moved to your new machine or hard drive.


New computer? OTSCR will get your machine personalized exactly the way you want it.

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Getting a new computer is exciting! But the first steps you take when setting it up are crucial.

Here are just some of the ways we can customize your machine:

  • Set Up user accounts
  • Install Windows Restore Point or Apple Time Machine
  • Add new software
  • Install drivers
  • Connect a router
  • Implement anti-virus software
  • Uninstall unwanted bloatware,
  • Configue your printer.




Connecting all of your computers together has never been easier.


Gt Computing’s Networking Options

  • Modem Setup
  • Secured wireless router setup – WPA/WPA2 or WEP configurations
  • Enable devices to securely share an internet connection, files, printers, music, videos, photos, and more!
  • Installation and configuration of a network adapter on computers/devices – PC, laptop, network Blu-Ray/DVD player, network enabled TV and gaming consoles (Up to 3 computers)
  • In-home installation of all equipment
  • Network troubleshooting – local network, printer or wireless printer

Due to the technicality of some repairs/services, hourly rates may change. Minimum charge for Home Networking is $90.