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same day repairs

Our Services Save You Time

Your time is important. Why spend it on fixing technical issues when you can be running your business? Call us and let us handle all your IT needs.


Our Services

Hardware Repairs

Computer problems? Our technicians can come to your home or business and fix your PC issues.


Devices or internet running slow? We can diagnose and fix problems or replace faulty and failing hardware.

Data Recovery

Recover data from crashed or compromised systems. Back it up before it becomes a problem.

Data Backup

Cloud-based and local redundant backups

Remote Support

Instant help from anywhere

Broken Screen

Cloud-based and local redundant backups

Managed IT Services

Centralized management of email, backups, antivirus, software and OS updates, and much more.

Virus Removal

Cleanup of and protection from viruses and other malware that can cause havoc with your data.

Custom PCs

Have a desktop or laptop built or customized to your specifications or requirements.


Full setup and configuration of networks, both large and small

Distributed Wi-Fi

Fill your business or home with strong, fast Wi-Fi signal with the newest technologies and speeds.


From single PC setups to complete business setups and hardware, we can handle it all.

Cyber Security

We ensure all your systems are protected and up to date by using the latest and greatest software and hardware to monitor and protect your devices.

Dental Office IT Support

GT Computing has many years of experience with Dental Offices and dentistry specific software.

Law Firm IT Support

GT Computing has many years of experience with Law Firms and legal specific software.

VoIP Phone Systems

GT Computing is a Partner of Ooma Office for VoIP phones. We also service and install VoIP from other providers.

Structured Cabling

GT Computing runs, installs, terminates, and validates all types of data cabling.

Security Cameras

We can install and service both wired and wireless security cameras and systems, including cloud based systems like Google Nest and on-site systems scuh as Unifi Protect.

Backup/Failover Internet

Is your internet mission critical? Set up an LTE backup so you have service if it goes down.

Website Hosting & Design

We design websites from the ground up, and host and manage them on fast, reliable servers using the latest technologies and backend software.

Online Advertising and Marketing

Ad Management, Content Marketing, Social Media, CRO, YouTube Channel Building and much more. We do it all!

Choose Our Repair Services

Feel free to call or email at any time with any questions.

Most repairs, optimizations, and cleanups can be completed with 24 hours.

We’ll come pick it up from your home or business.

Certifications and Competencies

Including MSEE and CSEE

Years of Operation

Opened in 2004

Our Partners

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