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AMD updates Fusion A-Series chips, offers overclockers two new options

AMD Fusion A-SeriesJust in time for the holidays AMD is fleshing out its lineup of Fusion A-Series APUs. The chips, which only got official in June, already saw their laptop-loving Llanos get a minor spec bump. Now their desktop brethren are catching up. The two stars, though, are clearly the A6-3670K and A8-3870K, which feature unlocked CPU and GPU clocks for the avid overclockers out there. Both are 100W quad-core parts with 600MHz Radeon graphics cores, but the A8 runs its CPU at 3GHz while the A6 starts at a more modest 2.7GHz. The 3870K also has the edge in GPU cores — packing a grand total of 400 to the 3670K’s 320. Head on after the break for the complete PR and all the nitty gritty details of the latest AMD APUs.

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