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Apple drops the ‘Mac’ from OS X

Apple today announced Mountain Lion, a new version of their popular desktop OS that comes with a slew of new tablet-based features for the desktop. Some noticed, however, that the company had also stopped calling it “Mac OS X,” instead choosing to call it “OS X Mountain Lion.”

The Verge confirmed that Apple has dropped the “Mac” part of the name and prefers Mountain Lion from here on to be called “OS X Mountain Lion.” Apple is using the “Mac” brand to specifically talk about hardware now, similar to how Apple seperated iOS out from the iPhone and iPad a few years back.

It’s obvious that simple is better for Apple, and we’re sure the change will cause less confusion for potential Apple buyers. What’s interestinfg is that Apple actually ditched the “Mac” in OS X when Lion came out last year, and the branding was also absent from the App Store. Mountain Lion marks the completion of that transition.

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