Regardless of whether your computer crash has brought you to a halt at work, or it’s the family PC at home, we are here to help you. At GT Computing we can service all of your computer and electronics repair and upgrade needs.

Maybe your PC crashes all the time with endless errors and you just don’t know why? No problem, we love making your errors go away!
Or maybe your PC is running sluggish now, unlike when you bought it new? We can add performance back into your PC that you never knew you had.
Are you concerned that you might have a virus and you don’t know what to do? We can set you up with the best virus protection on the market to rid you of those pesky viruses.
Tired of all the spyware and adware infections? We’ll get rid of those too. We’ll show you why also running a firewall on your computer is important too.
Maybe you are having trouble figuring out the internet or some software program? We offer personalized computer training for the internet and general computer use.
If you spilled a drink in your laptop or maybe cracked the LCD screen you are at the right spot.

And if you are looking to save money on replacement parts, be sure and contact us, we can get you the best deal. Don’t waste money on mass produced retail product. Get something perfect for you!