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The 8 Greatest Benefits of a Custom Built PC

Everyone has their own computer needs which is why a custom built PC can be such a good option. Check out the greatest benefits of these PCs, here.

Wondering if a custom built PC is worth it?

If you’ve never experienced what a custom built PC can do, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. You need a computer anyway. Why not spring for a custom option that can do everything?

In this guide, we’ll show you the top benefits of a custom built PC, so you can make an informed choice. Keep reading to learn more!

What’s a Custom Built PC?

Wondering what it means to say “custom built PC”?

With a custom PC, you literally build your own computer – or buy one that was custom-built to your specifications.

What makes these PCs different from the computers you buy in the store? Nothing – or everything.

Every computer needs the right pieces in order to function, whether you buy it or build it. Hard drives and processors some of the more fundamental, yet essential, components.

The parts used in a computer determine what it’s capable of. If you build a custom computer using the same basic parts as a store-bought computer, you won’t see a big difference.

However, a custom built PC allows you to select the exact parts you want. If you want to, you can build a custom PC like nothing else on the market.

Now, let’s take a closer look at the benefits of custom-building your PC.

1. Choose Your Own Motherboard

The motherboard makes the biggest difference in terms of functionality. Choosing your own motherboard specifications opens up a world of possibilities.

When you buy a standard PC, you get whatever motherboard comes with it. To get support down the road, you have to go back to the vendor where you bought the computer.

However, when you choose your own, it’s easier to make changes later. After all, you already know what you’re working with. You can easily make upgrades using compatible parts, for example, giving you way more control over the final product.

2. Better Cooling System

The more you add on to your PC, the more heat it generates. You’ll need a more advanced cooling system to keep your computer running. A basic cooling system may fail under the weight of heat-generating modifications.

However, a custom built PC lets you change the internal layout of the computer for optimal airflow, keeping things naturally cooler. You can also boost the cooling system using extra fans or liquid cooling.

3. Higher Quality Parts

When you hand-select every part of your PC, you can guarantee their quality.

With manufactured computers, you get what you get. Many manufacturers will cut corners by using as many low-quality parts as they can get away with. Build your own PC, and you get to make the quality determination instead.

4. Upgrade With Ease

Time to upgrade the system? With a store-bought computer, upgrades can be difficult and expensive. When you build it yourself, you know exactly what parts you’re working with. You can easily change them for better compatible parts later on.

Building it yourself also means you already have knowledge of where everything goes and how to install them. You won’t need help with an upgrade. Even better – there’s no warranty you can void when you upgrade a PC you built.

5. Add Custom Features

Perhaps the best part of a custom built PC is, well, the customization.

Everyone wants to use their computer for slightly different purposes. With customization, you can align your computer’s function with how you intend to use it.

If you’re a programmer, you’ll want a custom computer with different capabilities than if you’re a gamer. Of course, if you do both, you can build a PC for that, too.

One of the most useful things to customize is the power supply. Your computer’s durability depends on how you source the power.

When you customize your PC, you’ll want a power source that can support it. Trying to change the power source of a PC bought in a store is much more difficult.

6. Save Money

It may sound surprising, but you can actually save money by building your own PC.

Of course, you can spend as much as you’d like, depending on what parts you choose. But you also can find many ways to save money and build your PC for less than what you’d pay in a store.

If you buy a standard PC and modify it, you can easily spend too much to get the capabilities you want. A custom PC allows you to get the specific capabilities you need at the lowest cost possible.

Of course, this only makes sense if you need a computer to have certain capabilities. If you only need a computer that works for email, word processing, and browsing the internet, you’ll be fine with a standard PC.

7. Better Warranties

Sure, the computer you build yourself won’t have its own warranty. However, most of the parts you’ll use to build your custom PC will have individual warranties, a better deal in the long run.

A standard computer warranty lasts for a year or two. It’s voided if you drop the computer, spill something on it, or modify it.

However, parts warranties typically last for two or three years, allowing you to replace or repair each individual part as needed.

8. New Knowledge

Building a PC allows you to gain some awesome knowledge. You’ll also be able to take pride in telling people that you built a computer yourself.

Ready to Try a Custom Built PC?

Of course, building your own computer isn’t for everyone. Sometimes, you want custom capabilities, but don’t have the time to build it yourself.

We can help – check out information about our custom PCs here.

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